Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fresh Start Challenge Day 12 Bonus: Gaston, Oops I Did It Again

I wanted to beat Odette. Seriously. I didn't want to talk to you. I hated your guts. But you know what? I turned it into enjoyment for me. I figured since you were so bent on talking to me and thinking that I liked you why not have some fun?

Honey, you broke up with your girlfriend thinking I was going to go running to you? Seriously? No I don't play that game. Get real I had some self worth at that point. And let's face it I don't date guys that get excited about cars that have been "souped up" and still look like they belong in a junk yard. 

I never got excited about seeing you. You actually repulsed me to know end. I hated it when you would message me the only good thing was you would listen until someone else started or wanted to talk. I hated hearing about cars or whatever you were talking about. I hated hearing about Yugioh. The only thing I gave a notion about was your son and even then you didn't seem too concerned. 

Honestly, you are one of three people that could have gotten blown away last night and I wouldn't have cared. I would have went to your funeral to make sure you were dead. And I am not usually that spiteful but you seriously pissed me off. You know those people that just won't take the hint. You don't have friends for that reason or the ones you do aren't that cool? Yeah it's you not us.

And I swear to all that is right and good stop taking pictures of yourself without clothes. Nobody wants to see that. Seriously, you don't have anything to show off. I don't give two craps if your mom thinks you are endowed. I feel sorry for her if she thinks you are packing. And her other props to you... your arms? Yeah about that okay... Okie dokie... No.



Take that into consideration the next time you want to take a picture in your underwear with holes. And I am not even going to go there. 

But besides that. Let me tell you your other reason why you never stood a chance... I am nerd and a geek. However, I am one of the intelligent ones. You know one of the ones that knows what the world pulchritudinous means and how to use it. You may want to brush up on that if you don't already. Because you know what really made you Gaston? "We can read together you with your books and me with my Manga." OH HELL NO! I have more respect for my brain than frying it with that crap and yes I know Odette read it too once upon a time but ya know what? Chris made her stop and she has loved not reading it and going back to real books. 

So Gaston. I am so glad I passed you along to my sister and I have no regrets about that at all. Because I got a real fairy tale. Not some half assed shit. So thank you for making me realize part of my worth that way. And oops you taught I was in love and sent from above, but I am not that innocent.

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